General J2EE: Suggest me good validation framework to use with J2EE!!!

  1. Hi,

    We are building new J2EE application. I would apperciate if any body suggest me the good validation frame work.
    i.e., Client side (jsp) and server side validation.
    For example, i want to set standard rules for text box.
    and apply rules like uniqueness, character input length etc...

  2. You can you Struts Framework 1.1.
  3. General validation framework[ Go to top ]

    If you don't want to use struts, you can use its validation framework independently.


  4. If you don't want to use struts, you can use its validation framework independently.http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/validator/index.htmlHTH,sv
    Is there an how-to for using Commons Validator within a non-Struts web application?
  5. Check this[ Go to top ]

    Hi you can chek this link


    else you can read chuks book programming jakarta starts in which he dedicates a section for using validator framework outside struts
  6. I looked at using Struts' validation framework, but I didn't like that they've started extending it within Struts itself. We are currently using Vlad which uses XML to define rules, has some cool OO features to the configuration and allows you to define individual field rules separately and then 'include' these field rules in your form validation section.
  7. Vlad will do the trick[ Go to top ]

    I also think Vlad will do the trick, using the XML for rules redefining and having the OO features. I am, or should I say, was looking for a good validation framework, along with a private cloud provider, to have complete administrative control over the resources. I am glad I finally found something worth looking at.

  8. When you want to validate syntactical , type related,length related validation go with javascript validation like  validationEngine of jquery

    example: http://linkwithweb.appspot.com/pages/secure/userRegistration.html

    Try to delte some values and you will see inline validation done 

    Only if you want to do some business validation it has to be sent back to server which can be various technologies people mentioned above

    I hope you understood the differrence between types of validations now