J2EE patterns: Implementation of the Core J2EE Patterns - Value List Handler.

  1. Over the past few years of J2EE development I have tacked the same problems over and over. One such problem is retrieving data and displaying it in an html table. I have taken what I have learned and threw it in a project on sourceforge: http://valuelist.sourceforge.net. I am looking for some constructive criticism from all you J2EE experts out there.

    Here are a few points to start the conversation.

    1) Would you use this implementation of the ValueList pattern, over implementing your own for a given project?

    2) I would like to have the ValueList project focus on just the backend services, but I cannot find any good set of custom tags to use for the view. So I wrote my own:( Does anyone know of a good library out there?
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    I moved this to Discussions, in hopes to get more feedback.