XML & Web services: WSAD 5.1.2 Webservice wizard problem

  1. WSAD 5.1.2 Webservice wizard problem (1 messages)

    Hi list,

    I try to use Webservices generation for JavaBean and get an error, when method signature has org.w3c.dom.Element.

    Element method (Element in);

    Error: IWAB0398E Error in generating WSDL file from Java
    Details: WSWS3324E: Fehler: Beim Versuch, das Schema für org.w3c.dom.Element zu schreiben, sind Fehler aufgetreten.; nested exception is:

    This behaviour is new for WSAD 5.1.2; generation with WSAD 5.1.0 works fine.

    Any idea??
  2. Restart WSAD and its works fine....

    I had the same issue but on restarting wsad resolves the issue.