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    TheServerSide Java Symposium started yesterday and blogs are a buzz with activity. If you couldn't make it, check out the blog coverage. Next week we will also be posting a show coverage article and will put up the 10 most popular talks in the next 3 months.

    The conference is full of open laptops with people blogging everything they see, check out what some of the bloggers are saying:

    Dion Almaer at http://www.almaer.com/blog/
    Hani (BileBlog) at http://www.jroller.com/page/fate/
    John Reynolds at http://weblogs.java.net/blog/johnreynolds/
    Chris Nelson at http://www.jroller.com/page/ccnelson/Weblog
    Christopher Cullum at http://jroller.com/page/ccullum
    John Davidson at http://www.johnslog.com/
    Chris Richardson at http://chris-richardson.blog-city.com
    Seth Ladd at http://sethladd.blogspot.com/
    Sam Pullara at http://www.javarants.com
    Matt Raible at http://raibledesigns.com
    Thomas Risberg at http://www.jroller.com/page/buggybean
    Ed Burns at http://weblogs.java.net/blog/edburns/
    Stephan Janssen at http://www.javapolis.com/blog/tsss
    Donald Smith at http://jroller.com/page/dsmith/
    Duncan Mills at http://www.groundside.com/blog
    Daniel Silva at http://www.danijen.com/blog
    Jonathan Bruce at http://blogs.datadirect.com
    Mike Finn at http://www.jroller.com/page/mickfinn
    Bjorn Bjerkeli at http://svitjod.rymdweb.com/blogs/
    Lou Sacco at http://www.loutilities.com
    David Carter at http://jroller.com/page/ddcarter
    Steve Anglin at http://blogs.apress.com/archives/000445.html

    Also checkout the press coverage:
    Open-Source Leader Highlights Technologies for Developers to Watch (eWeek).
    Oracle Exec Says J2EE Matters Despite Murmur(eWeek).
    Open-Source Guru Says JCP Is Too Closed (eWeek).
    Java vs. Microsoft .Net debate rages. (inforworld)
    Java staving off .Net, Spring founder says(infoworld).
    Java object spec set for open source Apache licensing (infoworld).

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  2. Nice coverage[ Go to top ]

    Nice coverage by blogs. Reading through the links is like almost in TSSJS.

    Looking forward for show coverage article.

    Thanks Floyd!
    - Jay
    Java Community Rewards Program
  3. Sleepless in Tucson[ Go to top ]

    I just started typing up my notes about the conference...

  4. Ajax this Vegas dudes[ Go to top ]

    See, php + RiA, just not at Cesars.

    It's free and fun, no need for real money, it's for play play, I have a table - aka NetSQL, most every Sunday evning! Join and play me a round and then spend next year telling me DHTML could do this to, it you wanted to.
    JDNC is the royal flush, Flash is too slow, been there done that.


    ps: JRE 1.5.02 patch due next week fixes a WebStart bug! And they say negative reinforcment does not work ;-)
  5. Ajax this Vegas dudes[ Go to top ]

    I'm not sure I follow, is that link using JDNC?

    btw - have you looked at Laszlo at all?

  6. I posted my latest comments here: http://www.jroller.com/page/loutilities