General J2EE: Which framework for E-Banking application?

  1. Hi,
       I am new to this J2EE world. We have been thinking of using either struts or spring for our new E-Banking project. The question is which framework will be easier to use and more efficient. If possible please tell me the pros and cons of them. How difficult is it to convert codes from struts to spring and vice versa?

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    With new MVC frameworks for web development poping up on a daily basis, this question is getting as difficult to answer as "which car to buy?".

    Just to start somewhere you could look at

    Struts was the first to come in. Hence has a huge following. In case, you are planning to engage people who already know the stuff you might want to go for this.

    Spring being more than just an MVC, you could still use spring framework with struts MVC.
  3. Thanks Ashish.
       How about the migration of codes from struts to spring and vice versa?