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    hi anybody,

      in the server i deployed ane servlet and one client is accessing this servlet.at the same time the servlet is modified and replaced this with same name.then what happens at client.is client client will access old or new.if new what about new else if new what about old.thanQ

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    Every time it accessing the servlet it will check the newer version automatically. If newer version found, it will automatically update.

    Can u tell for what u r using this?

    All the best.

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    when the servlet is changed it is updated
    else there will be two servlets with same name in same location(root or directory)

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    hi ,

     i mean at the same the client is accessing the servlet ,at server it will modified.in m.secondsor n.seconds of the time in server it will reflect .at that time what happens at client if it is accessing servlet.hope u understand it mean.
    with regards
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    dear , remmember that when ever u modify the servlet and recompile it again .You will have to kill the sever in order to load the new servlet/JSP
    The web server will pass the reqyest to the old version untill u kill the sever and reload the modified ersource

    PS: please kill the server, restart and hit reload