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    I want to find a good developping enviroment for developping web applications with struts.

    Is there a good plugin for eclipse that fulfill this need?

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  2. MyEclipse Plug-in[ Go to top ]

    I don't develop in Struts, never have and never will. However, I do use the MyEclipse plug-in for other J2EE development. Apparently it has MANY Struts capabilities (as well as Hibernate and Spring and even JSF) and it's very inexpensive. You may want to check it out www.myecllipseide.com.
  3. MyEclipse Plug-in[ Go to top ]

    What's wrong with Struts?
  4. The "My Eclipse IDE" is a great plugin for Eclipse for doing this type of work. Other options include IntelliJ, JBuilder and NetBeans.
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    IntelliJ doesnot have plugins to develop struts by default.. but it is the most productive ide, I have used; you might need to add easy struts or something,