General J2EE: Dear friends i need your help to do sun certification(SCJP)

  1. I am going to do sun certification(SCJP) in this month. But, don't have any sun certification materials. I can't even download files from my company also. so, if you have any materials regarding this please send to awm_riaz at yahoo dot com It will be very useful for me. Thanks in Advance. Bye...
  2. Use google.[ Go to top ]

    Hi my Friend, I have try a badly known search engin called 'Google' and I use the keyword 'SCJP' (this is my idea). You can click on the link below, if 'Google' is up and running it will give you the search results: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=SCJP look at the 7th result: http://www.witscale.com/scjp_studynotes/contents.html Good luck. Etienne.