Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Detect pop-up/pop-under for a url/target page programmatically

  1. hello tss community, I have a requirement to detect if the url that the user submits contains a pop-up/pop-under. Is there any programmatic approach to this kind of requirements ? How could this be achieved ? I have some initial approach as to open an HTTP connection to the url can examine the content of the page to contain any javascript that would open a pop up window. Does anyone have any other solution or any comments on the approach that i have noted here? -- Nitin
  2. You can try the below method: You can have different name's for both pop-up/pop-under. There is a method in javascript which checks for any windows with the particular name. If pop-up's window name is opened, you can say it is pop-up window otherwise, the other window.