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  1. how to do Gmail chat like window in HTML (2 messages)

    Can any one tell me, how to show information if we hover on any link. Exactly like in GMail, left hand side, we see the chat window listing all the users. If we hover on any user, it shows the details along with controls to do some operations (mail, chat..) etc.,... This is very much required for a business application which I am working on. Please suggest me some code, if you are aware of. Thanks in advance! :)
  2. You can always use GWT (like Google did) :) Or another javascript toolkit like Dojo. Check: http://dojotoolkit.org/ The "See it in action" tab has a few examples.
  3. Its not possible for me to use GWT in our application. Can we do it in simple JavaScript or any other (without using DOJO, GWT, Backbase, Echo2 or some other AJAX frameworks)?