Performance and scalability: is there jar for manipulating ppt on earth?

  1. is there jar for manipulating ppt on earth? (1 messages)

    I had searched by google for long time ,but I can't find any open source or commercial soft for manipulating ppt(Microsoft). tonicpoint seems a good one but I don't know how to purchase that. can anybody help me? Thanks and Regards,Ronald
  2. Tonicpoint is the only java stuff I've ever seen for powerpoint, but I've never used it nor have I have done anything remotely close to Java+PPT. From their site it looks like you can contact them for commercial sales I might be totally off base here, but can your task be accomplished by automating an actual running instance of powerpoint on a windows machine (ie. VBA, OLE automation, etc)? It's brutal, inefficient, requires windows and an license for office, but depending on what you're doing...maybe it is a reasonable approach :-) I seem to remember something about Open office and java. Maybe something in there can let you bake your own ppt files.