News: Move over, 0xCAFEBABE and 0xDEADBEEF... Jesus is here

  1. Christian Catchpole - a real name - has discovered that Java's gone all religious: a hex editor has betrayed the existence of Jesus on the cross in String.class. One wonders if this is, indeed, a miracle. One also wonders if it was actually meant to be an image of a grilled cheese sandwich, or possibly Tom Cruise. As a Jew, I find this irrepressably creepy. Plus it makes me want a grilled cheese sandwich.

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    Who is 'Jesus' ?
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    I spotted this ages ago, but no one believed me.
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    This is enough reason for a Resurrected Class to be added to the JDK 7 spec.
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    See in the new comments. Also, having the ODOA in the end of each line gives a nice clue it came from a text editor
  7. Jesus rocks!