News: Pyxis Technologies releases GreenHopper 3.0

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    Pyxis Technologies is celebrating the first anniversary of GreenHopper, the JIRA plugin for project management, by releasing GreenHopper 3.0. GreenHopper 3.0 is considered as one of the biggest release of GreenHopper. It introduces major enhancements in multiple views and the most requested feature from day one; the "Quick Card Creation". You can visit the complete release notes here: http://www.greenpeppersoftware.com/confluence/x/AQCdB Since verion 1.0 of GreenHopper, more then 20 new versions was released maintaining a release rate of 1 release every 2.5 weeks! Each of them adding significant value to the plugin and JIRA. The good news is that nothing was planned to reduce the pace. Again GreenHopper is free for qualified open source projects and non-profits, and commercial users will benefit from an upfront and no-hassle pricing and licensing policy. A free, 30-day evaluation is available for download.

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    The good news is that nothing was planned to reduce the pace.
    I beg your pardon in advance should you find my comment somehow offensive, but looking at the list of issues, some of them look quite serious (e.g. GHS-551 and 443); is this speed meaning that this software is immature instead?
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    Well maybe if you had a better look at the GreenHopper project which is totally visible to the public since we have nothing to hide, and tried to understand a tiny more I dont think you will be incoming with this "free comment" unless you are a competitor ;) Cheers,