News: ZK Studio 0.9 enables WYSIWYG Ajax Development

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    ZK Studio 0.9.0 enables WYSIWYG Editor and Filtering feature in Ajax Widget Palette. http://www.zkoss.org/smalltalks/zkstudio0.9/ Simply use drag-n-drop development to create your Ajax application, and see the UI result. Watch a 2-minutes overview * Features Highlight WYSIWYG visual development Filtering in Ajax Widgets Palette Intelligent Editor * Bugs ZUL Model should follow selection index of outline ZK Project Import cause duplicate setting in web.xml Import ZK Package setting only shown in Java Perspective New ZUL File entry in Java EE Perspective
  2. WYSIWYG Editor really is helping our UI designers in prototyping the front end. I have no words about Intelligent Editor, it is helping when jumping from UI to Controller inside the event, etc. I will continue to follow and use the ZK Studio. Congratulations