News: ZeroTurnaround unveils Rebel Labs, IT Research & Content for the World(s)

  1. Over 6 months after releasing our popular and well-reviewed Developer Productivity Report, what we considered to be a new approach and style for us at ZeroTurnaround, we bring you the official launch of Rebel Labs, a new knowledge brand from the company that was clever enough to hack the JVM back in 2007 to bring you JRebel.

    This new research & content entity is tasked with educating, challenging and, to a degree, entertaining the software community at large. From topics ranging from Classloaders and Scala Development to Continuous Delivery and Operations methodologies, Rebel Labs is here to deliver you beautifully-designed reports in the form of technical deep-dives, surveys, how-tos/guides, interviews, reviews and more. Oh, and it's free to sign up, of course. 

    Check out the full announcement here: http://zeroturnaround.com/labs/zeroturnaround-unveils-rebel-labs-it-research-content-for-the-worlds/

  2. My God, it's full of reports!

  3. I was hoping it would be full of trout and mahi mahi, but legends say that Rebel Labs was born on an M-class planet in the IT Research & Content system...