EJB programming & troubleshooting: How to call EJB from other client(not java client)

  1. Hi all
       i want to known how to call EJB from VB,VC,PB......
  2. Read more about RMI-IIOP. You can use CORBA clients to call EJBs (in standard with EJB2.0).

  3. Sun has recently introduced "CAS" the COM - EJB bridge which enables you to connect EJB with COM developed in VB or VC++. You can download the CAS. VB and VC++ examples available...Hope that will help you!!!
  4. Hi
      thanks for your reply,
      Can you tell me where can i download the CAS?
  5. from http://java.sun.com
  6. search for
    "JavaTM 2 Enterprise Edition
    Client Access Services(CAS) COM Bridge"