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    Once again......


    I have and evaluation copy on Weblogic5.1.0. I'm unable to register a servlet throught the console. The following error appears --

    "Property change error for property "RegisterNewServlet".
    Servlet could not be loaded or instantiated"

    The folowing are the entries for the "Register new Servlet"
    Virtual Servlet Name : Test
    Servlet Class Name : examples.servlets.TestSer

    \myserver\servletclasses\examples\servlets\TestSer.class is packaged as examples.servlets

    Whats going on ?

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    Even I incurred the same problem . I think this occurs with windows 2000 .
    However there is a way out.
    Go to Weblogic root directory and open file. Now in the last part of this file u can register user servlets. Give the name as weblogic.httpd.register.yourservletname=yourservletname
    save the file.
    Next take u r .class file and place in weblogic/myserver/servlets...
    Now u start the weblogic server(not console)
    After u see the server has started in the cmd prompt window.
    Open weblogic console now
    There is an attach commmand
    Now attach by typing u r password
    U can see u r server running and u can access u r servlet
    by http://localhost:7001/urservlet

    Thats it
  3. Hot Deploy in Weblogic 5.1.0[ Go to top ] it but you can't keep restarting the server. Thats too time consuming. Is Hot Deploy disabled in the evaluation copy ?

    I'm working on Win 98.

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    Please do not post app. server specific questions in the EJB Design forum. Your thread was manually moved here to the troubleshooting forum.

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    Sorry about that. I realised later.

    Why isnt the Hot Deploy for servlets working ?
  6. This problem is a known bug which has been fixed in the service pack 2.
    You can download it from