After finishing all the configuration and when deploying i'm getting error like this.

this is the cmd result
(i have checked up with iasdeploy.bat file also,it is
also throwing the same error)

D:\iplanet\ias6\ias\ias-samples\new>deploycmd -deploy -f new.ear -s

WARNING: deploycmd command is deprecated. Use iasdeploy command instead.
See iasdeploy -help for usage information.

Connected to LDAP server on pcp3-0117 port 389

Setting output to standard output....

pcp3-0117:10 kas> deployment action ''J2EEInstallEar''
new.ear) running.
pcp3-0117:j2eeappreg -nodeprecated d:/iplanet/ias6/ias/JAR/new.ear 2>&1
pcp3-0117:10 Access is denied.
pcp3-0117:50 kas> deployment action ''J2EEInstallEar''
new.ear) failed.
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/iplanet/ias/tools/iascli/ICommandFactory
        at Source)
        at source)

can anyone help in this regard?!