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  1. sessions without cookies - newbie question (3 messages)

    my apologies if this is a obvious question, i'm coming from a coldfusion background where i've mantained all my sessions by hand through url uuids, not cookies.

    I'm assuming the same is possible with j2ee but i've been looking around and haven't found a clear answer.

    can anyone give me a idea on how you'd maintain sessions without cookies, through a unique url?

    thanks in advance
  2. Seesion management is taken care of by the servlet container.
    If cookies are enables, it uses cookies, otherwise it does URL rewriting.
  3. thanks for the insight. is the url rewriting something that can be overidden? or is it out of our hands?

    i'd be interested to see how it knows cookies are not present without trying to set one then forwarding to another page to check. Or is it something that you specifically set in the web-app descriptor?

    thanks anyway!
  4. It is part of the servlet spec and done by the container. TO override, you would probably need to hack the container.