Does anyone have anything to offer on the following issue:

Container managed relationships are great in that there is little coding required when a complex set of relationships exist in your data model.

A problem with CMR is the deployment and that any bean that wishes to participate in a relationship must be in the same JAR file as its related beans. For us, this is a hassle. We have designed a data model that consists of common entities (ie: common across our business model) and specific entities (entities that are specific to one particular application).

We could deploy the common beans in one JAR and they could talk to each other via CMR. However, the app specific beans will be deployed within seperate JAR's and thus we will need to hand-code the relationships between the application-specific beans and the common beans.

We could deploy ALL of our beans in one JAR but then we face the problem of having to undeploy and redeploy every bean if we make a change to one - thus impacting all applications.

If anyone has got any ideas of a clean and workable alternative, I would love to hear about it.

Darren Abbruzzese.