Whats your choice of JSP runner for *RELIABLE* deployment?


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Whats your choice of JSP runner for *RELIABLE* deployment?

  1. Hello,
    We have a project which uses JSP and Struts with a J2SE 1.3 back end (ie: no EJB), which is now ready for deployment.

    We originally planned to deploy on JRun, but dropped it after uncovering some reliability problems.

    Next we tried iPlanet Web Server (Enterprise 6), but this is proving to be a real pain to debug runtime issues.

    I'm considering Resin for our standard development environment; it's quite a chatty engine, and can attach to jBuilder for debugging (always nice).

    Our main requirements for a production JSP runner are:

    1. Rock-solid stability,
    2. Verbose error reporting.

    What does everyone think of Resin as a production server?
    Does any one have another reccomendation?

  2. Have you experimented with Tomcat? It is free, so you don't have to pay anything to try it. I have not had any reliability problems with it. I run it in production with about 100 sessions during peak times.

    If you have a war file, just drop in it the webapps dir and start the server. If it doesn't fit your needs, you arn't out anything more than a little time, which is sounds like you are spending plenty of getting this to work anyway.

  3. what are your requirements as far as how many users, speed, etc.

    Resin is pretty good, and it also offers clustering for load-balancing. Tomcat is also good for a small number of users. Tomcat is slower than some JSP Engines that are out there. You may also want to look at Jetty. There's just too many to mention here. For real enterprise-level apps, look at WebLogic, WebSphere and Oracle 9iAS.
  4. We're not doing serverside sessions at all, and connections per second is **allways** going to be less than ten... so our load requirements are less than taxing for most JSP runners.

    Reliability is the key issue and we load balance servers to help maintain a high level of service. Managability is also very important.

    We booted JRun on reliability, and iPlanet looks set to go based on awkward managability.

    I'm specifically not looking at the "Apps Servers", AKA: WebLogic, Websphere as they are an expense overkill for our application.

    Thanks both for your notes, I'll have a squizz at Jetty...