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      I am new to JSP/Java development and I am starting to learn how to use it.
      So in the page I get the basic idea of my application architecture.
      On this very good article it does not talk about the database access. It just put this on a class and do not access a database on it, just simulate this.
      I know the data access will be on a JavaBean. I already did a test with it and it is working.
      But on each method I am starting a JDBC connection to the database.
      My questions are :

      - How to poll the database connections ?
      - I can do it just with Tomcat or I will need use a application server (like JBoss) to do it ?
      - Any tutorial/examples on this question ?

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    PoolMan is a good place to start (
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      This seems to be a good project but it is dead.

      I was looking on the jndi how to of Tomcat :

      I did a sucessfull test with this.
      But my question is :

      - How many question Tomcat will open to the database ?
      - How this will scale ?