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    I know I can't be the first person who has wished that when you search theserverside, the date of the original article/posting is returned with each result. It would be so much more helpful to be able to put the result in context. Case in point the news article 'Interesting Recent Developments in Java Data Objects' how recent are they?


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    You can get that. Just look at the date 'posted on' of the very first article in the thread.

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    The point I'm trying to highlight is that when looking thru search results I'd like to be able to see when each article or result was posted without having to open the article or posting first. Like you mentioned you can figure that out by looking at the posting date, so the data is there, we just need that date to be returned with each result.
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    I was back searching TSS today and as I went thru articles, etc I was again slowed by the fact that I had to open each search result link to figure out when the article was posted.

    Does anybody else think this is a problem?