JOnAS 2.5 (Java Open Source Application Server) Released


News: JOnAS 2.5 (Java Open Source Application Server) Released

  1. ObjectWeb announced yesterday the release JOnAS 2.5. This new release provides EJB 2.0 local interfaces and EJBHome methods support. An open source Tests Suite is now also provided. JOnAS (Java Open Source Application Server) is a pure Java implementation of the EJB spec, distributed under the LGPL licence (GNU Lesser General Public License).

    Check out JOnAS 2.5.

    More info
    Compared to previous versions, JOnAS 2.5 provides the following enhancements:

    - new container design for EJB2.0: local interfaces and EJBHome methods support,

    - ejb-link support (within the same ejb-jar file),
    - GenIC rewritting using the Jakarta Velocity Template Engine,
    - NewBean rewritting,
    - JAdmin redesign,
    - Use of EJB2.0 ejb.jar and EJB2.0 DTD final releases,
    - Tomcat 3.3.x or Tomcat 4.0.x are integrated as a JOnAS service,
    - New JORAM 3.0.3 version,
    - Use of Objectweb Monolog API for JOnAS Server traces,
    - Open sourcing of the Tests Suite,
    - Bugs fixes.
  2. So, is it EJB 2.0-compliant or not? I'm guessing not, but rather it implements bits and pieces of the 2.0 spec.
  3. From the web site:

    JOnAS provides full support of EJB 1.1 (and EJB 2.0 except CMP), JTA 1.0.1, JDBC 2.0, JMX 1.0, JNDI 1.2.1 and JMS 1.0.2 specifications.
  4. SwiftMQ 3.2.0, released last Monday, fully integrates with XA/ASF into Jonas 2.5.

    I've been working very closely with the Jonas team the last few weeks. From my experience to integrate SwiftMQ into the various app servers, Jonas is one of the cleanest MDB implementation (if not the cleanest) I have seen. The integration was a pure joy.

    One cannot only drive MDBs XA-wise but Jonas also supports sending messages from MDBs within the same XA tx. That worked out of the box with SwiftMQ and should work with any other foreign XA-capable JMS provider. This is not usual, e.g. WLS 7.0 doesn't support it with foreign XA-JMS providers; only with their own JMS.

    Everybody looking for an open source J2EE app server should give Jonas a try.

    -- Andreas