Open Source Enhydra Application Server Version 5.0 Released


News: Open Source Enhydra Application Server Version 5.0 Released

  1. The final release of Enhydra Java/XML Application Server version 5.0 is available for download on The new release includes JDK 1.4 support, Servlet session paging to memory/disk during WEB Application restart, RPM's for Linux, integration with Enhydra Barracuda (MVC framework), Zeus, Jakarta Cactus, Xalan, and more.

    This post-Lutris release has been made possible thanks to the support of the ObjectWeb Consortium, Together TEAMLOSUNGEN and the worlwide community of Enhydra fans.


    New Features Include:

    - Installation wizard for windows and RPM packages for LINUX
    - Updated documentation, and getting started guide in Chinese.
    - Improved performances with JDK1.4 support
    - Fully refactored make environment based on Jakarta ANT
    - Integration of lastest stable versions of open source projects
    - Improved Jakarta Tomcat 4 servlet container
    - Servlet session paging to memory/disk during WEB Application restart.
    - Enhydra Zeus XML/JAVA Data Binding tool
    - Enhydra Barracuda presentation framework, for pure MVC approach to servlet based applications
    - Web services support with support of SOAP and integration of Jakarta Xalan
    - Improved testing framework with integration of Jakarta Cactus
    - integration of latest Enhydra XMLC, with WML, VoiceML, CHTML and XHTML support and HTML page auto recompilation feature.
    - A new set of examples, including Barracuda and Macromedia Flash based demos.
  2. Hello,

    Why there is no response to this post? I have used Enhydra 3.1 last year in one of my study projects, and found it a pretty cool AS to support HTTP and WAP applications.

    Now a lot of people are talking about JBoss, can someone give a comparison between JBoss and Enhydra? Is Enhydra also a J2EE AS?

  3. Hi there,

    I am no expert on the subject but rather I am doing some research into open source or free application servers. I see that you once did some work using Enhydra and so I would like to ask you if you have any sources of information as to where I can find reviews on the Enhydra product or similar products?

    If possible could I have a link to the work that you did?

    South Africa
  4. Hi Mpume,

    I have done some comparison with respect to both Enhydra (XMLC) and various other frameworks (based on JSP) etc.

    If you are can be a bit more specific as to what are the areas that interests you, I would be more than happy to share with you.

    Please send me an email as I do not check the board on a regular basis.

    yeksoon AT neusteps DOT com
  5. No, Enhydra is a servlet engine, only. If you need an EJB container, you can use either JBoss or Jonas. I prefer Jonas because it is remarkably faster than JBoss.
  6. Can anyone comment on Enhydra and Struts?
  7. There is a good paper contrasting Barracuda and Struts at: