Webservile.com WebServices Satire Site Launched


News: Webservile.com WebServices Satire Site Launched

  1. In the tradition of theonion.com, a new satircal site, Webservile.com, devoted to making fun of the much-hyped Web Services has been launched. Their launching articles include: "Acronym Shortage Threatens Web Services Community", ".NET Saves Boy Down Well", "Company Celebrates One Gazillionith Query to Web Service".

    Its well worth the visit: http://Webservile.com.

    Press Release
    Springfield, USA - October 2, 2002 - Webservile.com, a leader in Web Services satire, launches its new Web site today. Featuring stories that lampoon various aspects of the Web Services community, Webservile.com parodies this emerging technology and aims to become the Onion of the Web services world.

    “We’re not really anti-Web services,” said site founder Wilfred Seymour Davis-Larson. “In fact, we think it’s a great idea. However, every good technology deserves some derision and when we looked around, there seemed to be a real gap in the Web Services satire department. Plus, we’re totally unemployed and have plenty of time to waste.”

    The first stories on Webservile.com are:

    * Company Celebrates One Gazillionith Query to Web Service <http://www.webservile.com/stories/gazillion.htm>
    * Acronym Shortage Threatens Web Services Community <http://www.webservile.com/stories/acronym.htm>
    * .NET Saves Boy Down Well <http://www.webservile.com/stories/downwell.htm>
    * Company Buys Award, Updates Web Site <http://www.webservile.com/stories/award.htm>

    To read these stories and learn more about Web services, go to <http://www.webservile.com>.
    Webservile.com encourages the Web services community to submit stories and feature ideas. If desired, anonymity is guaranteed. For more information on Webservile.com, go to <http://www.webservile.com/writeforus.htm>.

    Contact Information
    Wilfred Seymour Davis-Larson
  2. Poor prairie dog. So do you think they taste like chicken? I guess MS should work on deploying .Net faster so we can save more of the little critters.
  3. Don't forget poor Mary Joe, I knew that interface was up to no good.
  4. Oh boy,

    the .net story is absolutely crazy, hilarious. Made me drop out of my chair.

    too good. keep the good work, folks