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    I just wanted to get some opinion as which one of the following solutions makes better sense:

    I am trying to deliver dynamic contents to the JSP page (Aren’t we all J) thus I've created a few custom tags. Each tag class is responsible to deliver content to a specific region on the page. Each tag class uses a particular builder class and passes it the page context to build the content for its region of the page. These builder classes decide how much content needs to be displayed based on the user’s ACL rights and directly write html to the page context. Although I am using the struts framework, I cannot use the struts tags such as (bean, html, logic and so on) within the builder classes since they don’t have access to the struts tag libraries. This approach offers a clean JSP page with an about 4 to 5 custom tags with out any GUI logic.

    My other options would be to move all the logics from the builder classes directly to the JSP page, there I can use strut’s tags such as the logic, html, bean and so on. This approach offers a convoluted JSP page with tons of logics but it utilizes the struts tags.

    What some of you out there think about these two approaches?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Struts are great. I often use struts. But if I had a system that already worked fine, I wouldn't change it unless there was some compelling reason. It seems like you have a system you like and are comfortable with. Don't change it unless you really need to.