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    A message from Jason Westra, Editor-In-Chief:

    WebLogic Developers Journal, the independent source for WebLogic information, is looking for authors as it enters its second year of publication. As the editor-in-chief, I'm proud to announce the 2003 editorial calendar to provide a guideline for prospective writers. Please look at this as a
    general guideline for what we want to cover -- and when -- but remember that we will be happy to look at proposals for articles on all topics related to WebLogic throughout the year.

    Jan Web Services/WebLogic Workshop
    Feb Security
    Mar BEA eWorld Focus
    Apr Portals/Content Management/Personalization
    May Migration/Integration
    Jun Administration/Management
    Jul WebLogic Platform
    Aug Advanced WebLogic Design Patterns
    Sep Real-World Case Studies (cross industry)
    Oct Data Integration: XQuery, Liquid Data
    Nov Wireless/Web Application Development & Deployment
    Dec Scalability/Performance

    For more information on contributing to WebLogic Developers Journal, please contact me at: jason@sys-con.com or Gail Schultz at gail@sys-con.com.

    For the editorial calendar:

    To submit an online proposal goto:

    Jason Westra
    WebLogic Developers Journal
  2. Do I see that the WebLogic Journal is hosted on a site powered by ColdFusion ? :))

  3. So are WebSphere, ColdFusion, XML, Web Servcies, PowerBuilder Developers' Journals. Why is this an issue?
  4. at least its not running IIS and ASP.NET :)
  5. Need better, more in-depth UNDOCUMENTED portal info. All I've seen in this area is rehash of the documentation.

    I'm not really up to renewing my subscription right now.
  6. That's good feedback, Steve. Perhaps you'd be interested in contributing an article in this area (e.g,. Portal)?

    I like undocumented tricks as well, but we have to be careful about publicizing undocumented utilities and such. Often times things are undocumented for a reason and perhaps should not be used to build enterprise-scale systems. So, why write about something people should *not* use? :)
  7. I don't know very many of the undocumented tricks. And if technical support can tell you an undocumented trick, why not the rest of the world? Often times it's as simple as setting "debug this crappy code = yes" so you get an insight into what is happening.

    I can't look at the source code, given that it's a proprietary framework, so I'd like some other solutions sometimes. ;-)

    You don't want my *real* opinion of Portal. Trust me. I think, if you guys are gonna try to sell your mag for $225/year you might get someone from BEA who actually knows something to write for ya.

    Of course, prices have come down now a year later, now that supply has overblown demand. I still get subscription notices asking me to resubscribe for the old price. I guess a sucker is born every minute ...

  8. I just got the new issue, and you're right that WLS 7.0 is top-notch in backwards-compatibility. I moved our 6.1 app to 7.0 without much problem. Even migrating from Portal 6.1 to 7 was fairly easy. We're not in production yet, but 7.0/platform makes things more interesting for sure.

  9. Steve-

    My name is Holly Lugassy from BEA. I would be very interested in talking to you about your migration experience and am specifically interested in Portal. This is not a sales call. Please contact me at holly dot lugassy at bea dot com. Thanks.

  10. I have been reading the WebLogic Developers Journal for about 6 months now, I have to say there have been some good articles and some not so good ones. In general I would like to see much more types of how-tos, tips and tricks of WebLogic. Often the articles too much Marketing. I am not certain the goals of the Magazine, but at $15 a pop (cover price) it seems to me it should be more substance, less marketing. If you are spending $15 a month on a magazine, chances are you already see the value of weblogic. (as each copy of the magazine itself cost more tham jboss).

    just my 2 cents...

    I will continue to read & hope for those insightful articles, the Topic list does look interesting.

  11. Would be nice to get more info on the new security with WLS 7.0. Apparently it's a completely different framework from 6.x, and has lots more beyond-J2EE features out of the box. But not much info so far.

    The www.bea.com says it's pluggable and extensible, and there is a service provider SPI. Which exactly functionality is plaggable? How are those business security rules or policies implemented and administered? Is it compatible with 6.x model?

    These questions need answers, and the docs are helpful but take a long time to dig through.

    My .02