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    (apologies if this sounds vague...)

    I have a question regarding Entity Beans with XML. Basically is there any known utility/tools/libraries out there which has Entity Beans generating/reading XML instead of updating/quering a database?

    Backgound being, that we would like to save information to
    XML, and then have the XML batch uploaded to the database at a later date (for numerous reasons). As opposed to being directly uploaded to the database.

    My understanding (limited), Entity Beans utilising Bean Managed Persistence, is that the persistence is implemented within the bean (obviously)... and it is the developer's responsibility to write the necessary persistence mechanisms via JDBC, etc. (Iam not sure if I will phrase this correctly). But could the persistence be performed via reading/generating XML files instead? My fist thoughts are that the overhead will probably increase sgnificantly.

    I will probably require a greater (practical) understanding of Entity Beans and persistence.

    Any thoughts? Even if closely related to the subject...

    phew... Thanks,

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    Bean Manged Persistence does not mean using JDBC. Your persistence could be flat files. in your ejbStore yoi could create or update an xml file.
    The best way is to use a delegate object which does the updating or creation of the xml file and your entity bean's ejbStore would call delegate to it?