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    can any one list out the basic advantages & disadvantages between EJB and Microsoft .net(MTS)
  2. Boy thats gotta win the award for the most open ended question ever asked here.

  3. How about the following:

    I really don't trust Microsoft and its .NET scheme and I don't like using or programming with Windows.

    I really do like programming with EJBs, however.

    fair enough?
    jonnie savell
  4. The way I think about the two is that .NET is a solution and J2EE is an architecture. I think .NET is probably more comparable to a specific J2EE app server. In rough terms .NET is probably faster to develop under because all the loose ends are tied up for you, J2EE on the other hand offers much more flexibility at the cost of a bit more work. If there is something you want to do in .NET that .NET doesn't support, you're in trouble because then you have to work around .NET whereas J2EE doesn't really stipulate how something has to be done it just provides a framework in which to do it.

    I like flexibility, despite the additional development cost, so I prefer J2EE but I guess coming at it from a purely neutral standpoint it's horses for courses.