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    Hi! I'm using jawawebserver developement pack.I can be able to run simple jsp pages.I'm unable to use neither beans nor taglibraries.I'm unable to place these files in proper directories.As mentioned in u'r site i placed taghandlers in c:/tomcat/webapps/examples/web-inf/classes and .tld in c:/tomcat/webapps/examples/web-inf/jsp. and jsp in c:/tomcat/webapps/root/ ie.,Hello.jsp.Could any one give me the solution please. Regards. Vijaya.
  2. It doesn't matter where to locate your taghandler, but you must to specify its path using dot notation in your .tld file.
    .tld file I usually locate rigth down of WEB-INF, adn again this is flexible becouse you must to specify the location in WEB.xml file.
    Finally, .jsp files in a WEB directory which is located right up of WEB-INF.