HTML transcoding service

Coldjava launched HTML transcoding service. Pure Java application allows to Web developers make their sites readable on wireless devices supports WAP protocol.

Java servlet implements a special kind of HTML to WML mapping and converts on the fly existing web pages into wireless friendly stuff. All what the users need is just add to own WAP portal a reference to appropriate service. For example:

1. Just select a new location from your WAP phone:

and you will be able to read this magazine from your phone. So you just pass your web site's URL as a parameter for transcoding servlet.

2. Add to your WML page a hyperlink to Coldjava’s service:
Surf the Net

and your users will be able to enter any URL for surfing.

So this service does not require any redevelopment for existing WEB pages and may be used as a quick way to "wirelessize" you content or assembly a WAP portal where visitors will be able to read latest news, see quotes etc.

Internet service providers may launch such service on own sites. All what do they need for this is Java servlets support on the web server. Transcoding service (HTML_to_WML or H2W) is implemented as a pure Java servlet.

JSP developers may use the similar (by functionality) service for their sites. A special JSP tag library from Coldjava allows them to convert existing HTML web pages into appropriate WML stuff. And entire job will be done on the fly and absolutely transparently for JSP developers and web site users.

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About Coldjava: Coldjava is a start-up company oriented to server side Java components development. The main product is Java Servlets Office Suite (JSOS). JSOS is a rich collection of Java servlets and JSP. 30+ "out-of-the-box" components on the base of Java Servlets and Java Server Pages can be used for fast assembling web sites (services) on the base of J2EE. JSOS supports WAP/WML and the same set of components can used for wireless world too. Coldjava is a member of Nokia Artuse Developers Program. You can get more information about Coldjava from company’s web-site: