How can Container know that the Data changed


EJB programming & troubleshooting: How can Container know that the Data changed

  1. How can Container know that the Data changed (2 messages)

    Hi Friends

      I have a real time problem.

      i have ejb developed using CMP.

      and my problem is this bean is back of one website.

      and thousands of people used to visit my site daily.

      and my main problem is my for each every client data

      is changing in the database. I want to know how to make
      container to know about the thing that when ever some
      datachange accure then only it has to shuffle the database

      or can i use Statefull session bean is ok for this .

      Any suggesion is acceptable.
  2. Have you consider you using the observer pattern? You can tune it to listen for certain events (user actions) and then to contact your ejb only when really needed.
  3. Salam Pareveen khanom,

    You want to use a session bean. Each client will have its own session bean. You then can have your session bean to communicate with an entity bean to add/update and get records in the database.

    Of course I recommend the session facade pattern in order to utilize the network bandwith effeciently.

    I am not sure if this answered your question.