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    I am doing jvm performance tuning now on our server,and I have encountered some problems.
    First the environment is
    jre: IBM 1.3.1
    Operation: add document from disk to our server(which will load the files to another dir that control by our server),multi-thread
    The problem:
    The gc information printed out indicate no heap shrink or heap expand,in GC cycle,action=1 or action=2 is taken.
    I tried to set -Xminf to 0.2 and -Xmaxf to 0.5 in multi-thread scenario, sometimes the performance is improved but unfortunately sometimes the settings degrade the performance.

    PS,I will not change our codes,and the work I do is to tun the performance outside(just jvm settings).

    Anyone has did similar work or can give me some advice? I am only a beginner on performance tunning and I need your help and suggestion.

    Thanks a lot.

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    I found here:

    lots of tips for j2ee tuning, but it also has tips for
    what you are looking for, HTH.