Article for review: Leveraging Open Source Software


General J2EE: Article for review: Leveraging Open Source Software

  1. Gurus - if you're interested in open source software, please take a peek at this article I just posted. I'd love to get some feeback so that I might incorporate a larger base of comments than just my own into the next version of the article.
  2. Cody,

    It looks like a good read. Sidenote--PoolMan has been inactive for a long time (like a year or something) since Sean Neville yanked it.

    Jason McKerr
  3. Hello...

    I think you should add JOnAS to ur article links :
    It's a very good J2EE application server and they have a very good mentality ( unlike one other open source application server.... )

    Their support is wonderful...

    c ya
  4. One more application server...[ Go to top ]

    the address is

    you made a typo:-)