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    Can someone throw some light on best-practices/guidelines while writing Unit Tests for Stateless Session EJBs.

     Any guidelines such as testing Session EJBs ..
      1) which interact with DAOs
      2) which interact with EnityBeans
      3) which interact with other session beans

    Are there any examples/samples on the web for the same ?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Use Cactus.

    It can test servlets, ejbs etc
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    Thanks for your reply.

     I am not looking for the framework to be used for testing (like cactus,junitEE etc). What I am looking for is design guidelines while testing session beans.

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    Floyd has a good section in his EJB patterns book about testing strategies
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      Chapter 7 in that books covers quite a lot of detail about Unit Testing. It gave me more clarity on my earlier questions and helped me decide my next steps.