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Industry news: Elips, an OpenSource java/jsp bug tracker

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    ELIPS is a tool enabling the user to manage different kind of issues, ie :
    bug correction request
    task processing request
    enhancement request
    work processing request
    Such a tool is usually called Change management tool or even bug tracker.

    Elips is developped in Java and Jsp technologies, and runs up to now with Tomcat and MySQL on Windows platform. Our aim is to make Elips running on Linux too.

    Elips is easy to install and configure. Its use is also very simple and intuitive
  2. One question,

    If itz developed in java and jsp and is running on tomcat whatz the big deal of running it on linux too ?

    I guess if you are not able to run it on linux right now then somewhere you are skipping the basic java philosophy thatz

    write once and run anywhere
  3. Or is that philosophy Write once debug everywhere ;)
  4. While it is not validated on linux, I can't say that it runs ;-) I've not linux on my machine yet... but if you want to test it...