Canoo Announces Release of ULC Visual Builder for WSAD


News: Canoo Announces Release of ULC Visual Builder for WSAD

  1. Canoo has announced the release of ULC Visual Builder for IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer. ULC Visual Builder supports visual construction of rich client user interfaces for J2EE applications within the WebSphere Studio development environment. The plug-in for WebSphere Studio gives developers real-time feedback while assembling the user interface.

    ULC is a library that offers rich client GUI components with a server-side programming model, fitting into existing J2EE architectures and platforms. ULC enables the development of applications that mix and match HTML clients and rich clients, both sharing the same business objects and software infrastructure.

    ULC relies entirely on J2EE. It can be used with existing or new application frameworks. Its GUI functionality and API are similar to Swing. In addition to the new Visual Builder, Canoo already provides a client/server simulator and a load and performance tester for ULC.

    ULC Visual Builder requires the following software:
    - WebSphere Studio Application Developer v.5.0.1
    - ULC v.5.1

    Read more about ULC Visual Builder

    If you are at JavaOne, you can see a demo at booth # 802.
  2. Hi,

      If you're looking for free, open-source alternatives for rich clients using J2EE back-end services check out the XUL Alliance site @ sporting XUL (XML UI Language) motors/browsers/runtimes such as Luxor, XWT, Thinlet, Swix, XUI, JellySWT and many more.

      For a Visual Designer for XUL check out Theodore online @, for example.

    - Gerald

    PS: Also note, that Sun recently joined the XUL bandwagon with their Java
     Desktop Network Components (JDNC) announcement. For more info check out the XUL News Wire aka xul-announce mailinglist.
  3. Interesting product[ Go to top ]

    I think ULC is interesting product. Ofers application independent client and running aplication on server side. ULC can running also on Web servers as servlet - everything good works. You can try it demo application on them home page. I think,it is future web application.
  4. ULC Demo Application[ Go to top ]

    Canoo has published a new ULC demo application.
    Point your browser to:

    to see some of the advantages of ULC, e.g. large
    trees and tables, and high interactivity. The source code
    for this demo will be available soon.

  5. Hi,

    Canoo has released ULC Visual Editor 1.0 for WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.0.1. The 'drag and drop' GUI designer for ULC costs US$ 499.
    A special early bird price of US$ 299 is on offer until October 31, 2003.

    For further details, please see:

  6. Canoo has announced that it is porting ULC Visual Editor to the new Eclipse visual GUI construction and editor platform. The company has been invited to participate in the Eclipse Visual Editor project. Following its decision to contribute to the open development tools and API, Canoo will also port ULC Visual Editor for WSAD to the Eclipse Visual Editor framework.

    The release of the Eclipse version of ULC Visual Editor is planned for Q2/2004.
    ULC is a GUI component library to develop rich thin clients for browser and desktop applications. ULC's server-side programming model allows developers to design GUIs as if they were running on the server.
    More about ULC at: