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    I shall be doing JSPs and Java Beans on my first web project. Is there a good software tool that can enable me and graphic designer to avoid cross-updating files?

    What is standard solution for this?

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    Why not try configuration management software?
    This category of software lets you manage collections of
    source code... often, a developer "checks out" his/her
    copy of a file; if another developer also works on the
    same code, there are various mechanisms for merging the
    two people's changes (depending on the package you are using).

    A free solution I use often is CVS.

    If you are a Windows person, there is a GUI tool called WinCVS that a lot of people like.

    One point: regardless of the package you use, I'd recommend you help set up a "build and test" environment for your graphical designers. With JSP, minimizing the Java code in the page helps a lot, but non-techies still break stuff through no fault of their own, if they don't have a JSP container available to make sure their "cosmetic" changes don't cause unexpected problems.