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    I've read that "The clustering features of J2EE are intended to distribute requests from many simultaneous clients, not to distribute a large single computation (to be run in sandboxed local user environments) to many individual machines." Does that mean for scientific
    computations which contain single but heavy computing tasks,EJB infrastructure is of little significance because it can't make its nodes solve one computation together?

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    That is correct. EJBs are optimized to support many distributed clients, not to support distributed computations.
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    Distributed computation usually relates to parallel processing and its associated architectures. Generally, this discipline tackles the problem of defining a contiguous distributed address space for algorithmic computation. J2EE solves a very different set of problems: the encapsulation of remote computational objects via facades (servlets, clusters) and proxying (EJB's).

    I suppose you could say that J2EE distributes the black box, while a parallel architecture distributes the white box...
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    Hi Spears,

    Coherence provides the ability to perform complex distributed computations within the Coherence cluster. Through the Invocation Service (our grid-computing support) you can 'invoke' tasks on each node (or a subset of nodes) within the cluster in a synchronous or asynchronous manner. You can also configure the number of threads being utilized for the task on each node.

    Some of our customers are using this feature to bring overnight computations into the 'almost-real-time' realm of performance.

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    "Work your Cluster"?

    Oh well, its more memorable than your mate Cameron's sig! ;-P
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    I heard that.


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  7. Hi,Rob,
         If a EJB cluster cannot disassemble a large single computation among its nodes,it seems that there is little meaning registering EJB services as Grid services.Of course we can get a Grid Service Handle and manage the life cycle in a soft-state way,but I think what really accounts is :Grid computing make us use comprehensive computing resources to solve complicated computations,then how can we perform that if our business logic is based on EJB infrastructure?