Calling web services from VB 5.0 an PowerBuilder clients


XML & Web services: Calling web services from VB 5.0 an PowerBuilder clients

  1. we need to build web services which are going to be called from VB 5.0 and PowerBuilder clients.

    my questions :

    1) is it possible to call web services from the above clients?
    2) if it is possible what are the components that should be available on client side ? is it required to have JAX RPC runtime avialable on client if it is non Java client ?

    can anybody explain in detail on the components to be used at server side and client side....

  2. Have look at this.

    I hope this will help yr query.

  3. Thank you vishal..That article really helpful.

    In the tutorial you gave examples on VB.Net client. will it possible to connect to your web service from VB version 5.0 and have you tried to connect to your web services from any power builder client...

    if you any ideas on the above client that would be really helpful..

    Thank you
  4. As long as you can send the data from Power builder clients in XML format that is as a SOAP packet. For that you will require some set of apis in power builder which will be repsonsible for generating yr calls in XML format and sending them across the network.I have no idea if power builder has thet set of API for developing web services yet.

    And in case of VB5.0 i dont think that you can use that for deplyoing web services. You would have to use to do that. Correct me if I'm wrong here.
    So if you can port yr application on VB.NET then it will be able to deploy web service and then u need this PowBuilder clinet which can invoke calls as pointed eralier.

    I hope this info helps.
  5. Hi Vishal,

    I should have posted the question differently for better understanding...

    We are actually publishing web services using java (may be with Axis 1.1 on JBoss 3.0.x) and we will consuming those services from both VB 5.0 and PowerBuidler 6.5 clients. Please suggest if there are any better solution other than Axis 1.1.

    as far as I know as of now we can use PocketSOAP (SOAP client COM component from MS)..and for VB 5.0 we can user MS SOAP tool kit client...

    please post any example you have on the above ...
    please post your views on this.

  6. At this stage in Open Source community, I will advise you to go for Apache-AXIS.
    But if you need some case sudies or exmaples then contact us through our web site.