Apache / ObjectWeb Collaboration Kicked Off !


Industry news: Apache / ObjectWeb Collaboration Kicked Off !

  1. After ObjectWeb offered cooperation to Apache and Brian Behlendorf answered by encouraging Geronimo developpers to become more aware of ObjectWeb projects, the two teams took advantage of the Apache Con (Las Vegas, Nov 16-19, 2003) to meet and formally kick off collaboration. The good news are just been reported to the ObjectWeb community during ObjectWeb Conference (Paris, Nov 20-21, 2003).

    Quoting Richard Monson-Haefel's article: "The synergy, other than licensing, between ObjectWeb JOnAS/JOTM and Apache Geronimo appears to be excellent. Our development cultures are admittedly different but the differences actually strengthen our alliance rather than weaken it."
  2. That news makes my bones tingle!