Interview: What's JBoss Going To Do with The $10 Million?


News: Interview: What's JBoss Going To Do with The $10 Million?

  1. Open Enterprise Trends interviewed Marc Fleury who outlines how he'll spend the $10 million VC he just received. Read about his vision for a "for-profit umbrella" for a wide variety of OS tools.


    "Last week, JBoss Inc., provider of an Open Source J2EE application server received $10 million in venture funding in a group led by Matrix Partners. But what does JBoss founder Marc Fluery, want to do with that money? And will VC investment water down the Open Source movement?

    In an interview with Open Enterprise Trends, JBoss founder Marc Fleury says how he'll spend the $10 million VC he just received, including a project that he says will help him build JBoss into a for-profit umbrella for incubating Open Source projects. Fluery also says that Open Source needs a "second generation" and that it's time to step away from the "pony tail" image of the poor developer."

    Read the entire interview at

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  2. Hush Money...[ Go to top ]

    for Mike Spille? :)
  3. Hush Money...[ Go to top ]

    Ha! Hell, I'm not that noble, I'll take $10MM. Considering the circumstances, I think I'd have to settle for cash or wire transfer though - no checks, please :-)

    The interview was fun, though. I don't know if it was bad editing/transcription, or Marc's true colors coming through when he said:

    "As JBoss penetrates the enterprise marks...".

    Perhaps the VC was whispering "penetrates the enterprise ranks", but Marc's sub-conscious took over.

    Note to non-English speakers: "marks" is common American slang for victims of a scam pulled off by con artists. Penetrates is proper English for...well, you know.

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    Thanks for pointing out the error in our OET Q&A with Marc Fleury.

    You were right: It was an editing mistake here at OET.
    The phrase you refer to should have read "enterprise market" not "enterprise mark". We've made the repair. Thanks again, Mike. Apologies to Marc.

    Best, Vance

    Vance McCarthy
    Editor, Open Enterprise Trends