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    With reference to Steve Vinoski's articles on Web Service: http://www.iona.com/hyplan/vinoski/

    Making RPC-like Web-Services are not according to good architecture-style.

    If one image that a bookstore provides a web service to respond to an order-status request, how is it done without use the RPC-principle?

    Example: the Web Service is "The_status_of_an_order" located at URI xxxx and
    my ordernumber is "7397453"
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    It is not so much that RPC-like web services are bad; it is just that they may not be the best option, performance-wise. RPC-like web services are much slower than other competing RPC-style technologies (EJB, RMI, CORBA, DCOM, etc.).

    Asynchronous, document-oriented web services tend to be a better application of web services, because throughput is less of an issue.

    Having said all that, RPC-like web service might still work for you, provided that the performance is acceptable, and other requirements (like going through firewalls) makes Web Services better than the other alternatives.