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    What are the secrets to security with JSP's?
    I am running netscape web server with JRUN app server, both on solaris..

    How can I make my JSP's secure -...so users can't type in the JSP URL directly...


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    If you are using a recent version of JRun, you should be able to configure J2EE standard security through the web.xml file:


    This example is for a servlet, but it can be used for JSP as well. Just make the <url-pattern> for your web resource match your JSP: *.jsp
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    Paul -
    is it that easy?
    All I have to do is just declare a folder in the web.xml under security-constrainte and the web server does the rest??
    it just blocks out the path specified?

    is this how everyone does it?

    Does my JSP have to have any code inside??