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    I a web service deployed which exposes an API that takes the parameter of type "java.Util.Date" and returns a list -

    public java.util.List getUsersCreatedOn(Java.util.Date date)

    However, when i tried to create the stubs from the WSDL of this web service, the stub has an API like this -

    Object[] getUsersCreatedOn(GregorianCalendar date)

    Why the List is treated as Object array and Date as GregorianCalendar?
    How can I avoide this?
    I am using Weblogic Server's clientgen ant task to create the stubs from WSDL. Is it the clientgen's limitations?
    which other utlity does not have this limitation?

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    Can you post your wsdl? I'd like to run it through Axis.
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    Here is the WSDL. I am using weblogic's clientgen utiltiy to create stubs from WSDL file. I also tried JWSDP's wscompile utility. However, it also returned the same kind of stub where List is treated as Object array.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <definitions xmlns:s=""
    <xsd:schema xmlns:xsd=""
      <xsd:import namespace="">
      <xsd:complexType name="List">
        <xsd:restriction xmlns:soapenc=""
         <xsd:attribute xmlns:wsdl=""
      <message name="getUsersCreatedOn" >
      <part name="date" xmlns:partns="" type="partns:dateTime" />
      <part name="string" xmlns:partns="" type="partns:string" />
      <part name="string0" xmlns:partns="" type="partns:string" />
      <message name="getUsersCreatedOnResponse" >
      <part name="result" xmlns:partns="java:language_builtins.util" type="partns:List" />
               <portType name="SSOWebServicePort" >
      <operation name="getUsersCreatedOn" >
        <input message="tns:getUsersCreatedOn" />
        <output message="tns:getUsersCreatedOnResponse" />

               <binding name="SSOWebServicePortSoapBinding"
               type="tns:SSOWebServicePort" >

        <soap:binding style="rpc"
               transport="" />
      <operation name="getUsersCreatedOn" >
        style="rpc" />

          <soap:body use="encoded" namespace=""
              encodingStyle="" />
          <soap:body use="encoded" namespace=""
              encodingStyle="" />

         <service name="SSOWebService" >
        <documentation>todo: add your documentation here</documentation>
        <port name="SSOWebServicePort"
         <soap:address location="http://localhost:7001/web-services/SSOWebService"/>

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    It did the same thing with Axis. I need to understand WSDL better! Sorry that I cannot help.
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    Can you please provide me the Java Bean Component from which you create this web service(wsdl).

    I create a java proxy from this WSDL by using WSAD i am also getting the same Object[] instead of List object.