Sun Mulls Release Of Java Enterprise System Code


News: Sun Mulls Release Of Java Enterprise System Code

  1. Sun is getting serious about this open source stuff. We have heard about open sourcing Solaris, thoughts for Java, and now they are thinking about opening the Java Enterprise System. They may open source parts of the system, a la Beehive.

    Industry analysts and solution providers familiar with Sun's plans said the company might open-source at least part of the JES stack--which includes more than 10 individual Java software products--as early as the end of the year. However, details about which JES products will be open-sourced are sketchy.

    Stephen Borcich, executive director of JES marketing at Sun, confirmed that the Santa Clara, Calif.-based vendor may open-source JES but has made no "final decisions" on the matter.

    Industry watchers said open-sourcing JES makes sense for Sun, which already unveiled plans to open-source Solaris, its popular Unix operating system. The vendor expects to release details of that project, tentatively called OpenSolaris, in the fall. At JavaOne in late June, Sun also donated Project Looking Glass, a next-generation 3D desktop application, and other technologies for building 3D Java applications to the open-source community.
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  2. Which license will Sun use?[ Go to top ]

    Any guesses at which license they will use?

    My guess is that they will tend toward a bsd styled license following Apache, but who knows. At any rate I don't think they are going to make Solaris GPL.
  3. Sun should Open Source Java asap!

    The more they wait, the more they will loose ground in favor of Open Source alternatives such as Php which is gaining ground very quickly in the Web application development.

    Every company and java developer should realize that and put pressure on Sun to make the move.

  4. Like EJB will be open source? I do not think Open Source wants "parked" products.
  5. Only One Way Out[ Go to top ]

    Sun gave birth to java - we all know, but somewhere something went wrong, and it got orphaned.

    Companies like BEA, IBM put their legacy Transaction technology and out came J2ee spec, sun owns big time to these companies, and for their contribution to java community.

    Now Open source is another player which made java so popular. Its a fact that Sun cannt handle java. JCP is so slow, that we feel like in 18th centruy.

    So to save java there is only one way Give java to community. And Make BEA and IBM Co-chair it with OpenSource leader in main chair. These way atleast we as a community will do better. And sun can concentrate on Solaris and its hardware business...thats better..