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    Does anyone know whether is is possible to resize (not reset) the Connection Pool in Weblogic.

    The situation is that if any of the servers in the cluster goes down then we want to assign the connections on that server to be assigned to the connection pools on the other active servers.

    Thanks in advance
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    Hello Sanjeev,

          In a clustor when you are having application deployed on multiple physical machines, all same applications will connect to the same, DB or set of DB. In any given situation, none of the DB pools of individual servers will be full. Hence reasigning connections from goingdown server to the active server is not required.

         only the JNDI calls will get routed to other active servers and it will continue using itz own connection pool in normal way.

         In case you are worried out the transactions that are getting terminated then you are not targeting the right area, asigning connection pool is not the answer for this problem.

    Hope this helps
  3. Chetan,

    The reason we want to have this is that we have a limit on the number of database connections fo a user. Say we have a limit of 24 connections. We distribute these connections 8 each on 3 managed servers in a cluster. So if one of the server goes down, we want to allocate the 8 connections of this server to rest of the servers which will leave 2 active servers with 12 connections each.

    We want to maximise the use of the number of connections at our disposable. Right now if a server goes down then we use only 16 connections and the remaining 8 connections are not used until the down server comes up again.