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    hi, i am working on the jbuilderX and it already has built in optimize it : im on a linux machine redhat 9 and i cant seem to start the optimizeit...
    i dont know where to go:
    the stupid documentation from borland only says :
     yeah go ahead start optimize it: wow how clear:
    well im on linux so i cannot go to startmenu and progrmas and start some thing.. i am in the optimizeit suite and i cannot find anyacript file to run optimizeit.. has anybody worked on it.

    pls help..

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    I am assuming that you installed OptimizeIt Suite
    when you installed JBuilder on RedHat Linux?

    If so, the "Runtime Configurations" in JBuilder
    have an option to start up your application with
    OptimizeIt enabled. You need to hit the "Optimize"
    button and not the "Run" button to execute that
    runtime configuration.

    You can also integrate OptimizeIt suite from the
    command line. For more information see:

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    I am running JBOSS on RedHat. I do not have any IDE's installed on my server. How would I start Optimizer user interface?