Hello all,

As an alternative to MS SharePoint we are using internally, and
assorted standalone wiki (snipsnap, friki, xwiki, tikiwiki)
installations, I have been looking for the open-source Java portal/CMS
frameworks with the following features (these are must-have):

- mature forums engine (moderators, topic hierarchies, searcheable)
- knowledgebase (wiki-like with support for versioning, comments,

It would be nice if both of the above were integrated - single sign-on
against LDAP or SiteMinder or NTLM, search across both content

In addition it would be nice to have standards support (JSR168, JAAS,
J2EE, JSF, WSRP, etc), ability to run on multiple DB backends.

So far the closest is Nukes on JBoss that despite all of its
shortcomings (no JAAS, no JSR168, dependence on JBoss) has the
features I need (with the exclusion of single sign-on).

These are the resources I've checked so far:


Perhaps someone has integrated a forums and a wiki module into some of
the cms/portal solutions mentioned above - please let me know (eXo, uPortal, liferay are good candidates).

Thank you.